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First Class Green Wheat Asparagus, jar 345 grs

What do we find in this product?

Wild asparagus is a product with a lot of personality. It is wild and is also cultivated. It grows in the late winter sun from a shrub called asparagus. It is a lively, perennial plant. It can be found on roads, on dry and sunny soils.

Wild asparagus is prized for its tender and meaty texture, its pleasant aroma and its fresh and tasty vegetable flavor. They have a characteristic bitter taste that, although not unpleasant, is often tried to hide by preparing them in scrambled eggs, omelettes, toasts or stews.

Wild asparagus offers a multitude of possibilities in the kitchen. Steamed, grilled, grilled or with a simple dressing, they are by themselves a delicious dish, although they are also a perfect ingredient as a garnish for meat and fish. The delicacy and color of its ears stand out and when it is lightly sautéed, its texture becomes crunchy.

Our asparagus are covered by the Protected Geographical Indication "Asparagus of Navarra". We select the best asparagus from our Navarra garden. We blunt them freshly collected.

El Navarrico, passion and essence since 1960

Our asparagus are covered by the Protected Geographical Indication "Asparagus of Navarra". We select the best asparagus from our Navarra garden. We blunt them freshly collected.

Since our origins, in which Amalia and José personally and handcrafted products from the fields of San Adrián, the company's vision has been to bring the field to the consumer with the least possible intervention, respecting the rhythms of nature, and with the better systems for preserving the quality of our crops.

Today, the new generations of El Navarrico maintain the same spirit of that enterprising couple who know their land, and we have grown without ceasing to be rural artisans, our true vocation.

  • A Family Dedicated to the Field: Throughout 3 generations in which the industry has evolved so rapidly, we pride ourselves on preserving our identity.
  • We Innovate Respecting The Past: We believe in technology, but used in a rational way, with the sole objective of improving production and distribution processes.
  • Minimum Intervention In The Product: Our purpose is that you can enjoy the authentic flavor of the Navarra garden at your table, that the final product is as close to the original as possible.

A product of the highest quality, authentic asparagus from Navarra where the best in the world are grown and produced, here we have a very large asparagus, 5 fruits per can, exceptional for its size and low production. Unmatched flavor and texture.

Asparagus is the bud of the asparagus plant, which is harvested immature, before branching and hardening. According to the management during the cultivation, two types are obtained. white and green. It adapts to many dishes and preparations, and it keeps very well canned or in mason jars.

Although its origin is considered to be in present-day Iraq, asparagus is a food that is fully integrated into our daily diet. In addition, thanks to greenhouse crops they are available all year round, although the best date is in the months that go from April to May. Thus, when cooking them, they can be prepared on the grill, scrambled with eggs or in stews.

  • Asparagus is considered a sedative food, and is recommended for consumption in cases of fluid retention, arthritis or diabetes.

Asparagus has few medicinal applications. There are those who attribute a sedative effect to it, which is why it is sometimes recommended against palpitations.

Properties of Wild Asparagus

  • Because of its low calorie content, wild asparagus is ideal for weight loss diets.
  •  Large amount of vitamins, especially B1, B2, B6, A, C and E.
  • Purifying and antioxidant qualities.
  • Its high fiber content makes it a satisfying food.
  • High contribution of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Low sodium content so they are recommended in case of hypertension or fluid retention.
  • Diuretic properties.
  • All these qualities make wild asparagus an excellent food for athletes.

Due to its high folate content, it is defined as a suitable food for pregnant women


Wild asparagus, water and salt

Data sheet
DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
Net Weight230 grams
Weight Drained150 grams
SourceNavarra, Spain

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