Gourmet Basket "Señorío"


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Gourmet Gift Basket "Señorío"

What do we find in our Gourmet Gift Baskets?

Our gourmet baskets are those unique gifts that we seek to tell a loved one how important they are to us .

To create these gourmet baskets, first of all we wanted to design an elegant box so that this gift is impressive from the beginning.

Below we have created different groupings of products in order to satisfy all tastes and needs .

In these boxes you will find our most valued and exclusive products , starting with our classic preserves , going through tasty cheeses and sausages and ending with artisan sweets and wines of the highest quality .

Contents of the Gourmet Gift Basket "Señorío"

    • 1 Box of Milk Chocolate Crisps with Wafer, 140 grs
    • 1 Can of Duck Rillettes, artisans, 130 grs
    • 1 Can of Navajas al Natural de las Rías Gallegas, 10/12 pieces, 120 grs
    • 1 Can of Anchovies Premium Numbered Series High Restoration 11-12 Fillets, Del Ponto
    • 1 Jar of White Tuna in olive oil 240 Grs. Katherine
    • 1 Can of Medium Stuffed Squid in its ink 138 grs, Ramón Peña Oro
    • 1 Can of Citrus Tarantelo 120gr, Don Bocarte
    • 1 Can of Cider Pickled Mussels 8/12 large pieces, 114
    • 1 Tronchon Sheep Cheese with Rosemary, 350 grs, Masets
    • 1 Can of Galician Octopus 120 grs. From Galicia, Cambados
    • 1 Can of Sweet and Sour Paprika from La Vera, with PGI 125 grs
    • 1 Can of Anchovies with garlic and parsley 110gr, Pujada Solano
    • 1 Can of Bocartes in Olive Oil 145gr. angelachu
    • 1 Can of White Tuna in Olive Oil 210 gr, El Capricho
    • 1 Quince Spread Santa Teresa, 175 gr
    • 1 Box of Gallegas de Nata, 165gr
    • 1 Large Gourmet Gift Box


    • Design : simply elegant. Base with a marbled effect that gives it innovation and elegance and a smooth black lid with our logo in white that gives it just the right sobriety to create a perfect combination.
    • Measurements : 24 x 10.5 x 37 cm
    • Protection : to finish our baskets, we put paper chips to protect all the products and prevent them from shifting during transport.

    your dedication

    Add your personal touch to our baskets.

    You can indicate a dedication or note at the end of your order and we will include it in the chosen basket at no additional cost!

    In this way, you will be able to personalize all your gifts , giving a unique and emotional touch that will excite your recipient.

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