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Siderit premium gin, 70 cl.

What do we find in this product?

Gin Siderit Classic is a gin distilled from rye alcohol. Its great difference and therefore its personality is given by its innovative elaboration process that goes through the maceration of twelve botanicals and a double distillation in glass stills in a fractionated column with reflux that eliminate flavors and odors producing distillates of the highest quality.

Each distillation carried out at Siderit is equivalent to five distillations in a traditional alembic.

Characteristics of its flavor:

  • Floral aroma and freshness: it is provided by rock tea, a plant from the Picos de Europa, which shares maceration with the Jamaica flower.
  • The tangerine rind and pink pepper add a sweet touch.
  • Angelica root, cardamom and cinnamon provide a set of unique sensations in the mouth.
  • The root of orris orris Germanic, unites all the aromas and flavors creating the perfect combination.
  • Bitter orange rind to counteract the excess sweetness of tangerine and pink pepper.
  • The almond gives the distillate unctuousness.

This gin is an Ultra Premium Gin made in a traditional way and in highly innovative equipment.

It combines tradition, respect for the territory and good work.

"Innovation and crafts"

The Siderit distillery is a micro-distillery where premium gin, vodka and vermouth are produced by hand. This is located in the beautiful lands of northern Spain, in the province of Cantabria, where master distillers have been able to create a gin reserved for the world's most select palates.

Siderit is the only brand that distills in reflux fractionated column glass stills, characterized by their low production capacity and cost and by the purity of each distillate, which is equivalent to five distillations in a traditional metal alembic.

With just 5 years of experience since its inception in 2013, Siderit distillery has reaped the most prestigious awards

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SourceCantabria, Spain
Bottle70 Cl
Graduation43 %

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