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Garlic, hand-crafted, 430 grams, without preservatives or dyes What do we find in this product? The garlic is a paste made of potatoes, garlic, egg and oil. It is a typical dish from Aragon, Navarra, Cuenca, Castilla and Leon and Comarca Requena-Utiel and form part of various culinary preparations, especially fishing. It is used for many traditional dishes, one of the most well-known is the cod with garlic (this is the dish that you can buy in Anchoasdeluxe). It is believed that its origin is in the arrieros mexican who used it as a means of food preservation during the long journeys and the months of festivals. Little by little, the formula was introduced in the inns and the sales in which the wranglers spent the night, and from there went to the food culture popular. Today, this dish is considered a great delicacy. On the origin of the aragonese, navarrese, castilian or basque, there is some dispute. Properties of the cod The cod is a white fish suitable and beneficial inside of a varied diet, healthy and balanced, thanks to the fact that it is a healthy food, rich in quality protein, vitamins and minerals, and low content in fats and carbohydrates. It is precisely among these vitamins include vitamin A and B-group vitamins (including folic acid, so fundamental to the pregnancy); and among the minerals highlights the phosphorus, potassium and zinc (beneficial for those men who wish to improve their fertility). Products from la mancha in best quality Jespep is a company specialized in the manufacture of products from la mancha. Since 1980 working with the aim of giving to know and to taste the gastronomy of la mancha fully respecting the traditional cuisine, using the finest raw materials to ensure superior quality. To complete the craft, have given the product an image of craftsmanship and as attractive as possible, thus achieving a good result in the end-point of purchase becoming in this way a leading brand in the sector. Ingredients Potatoes, cod, olive oil, boiled egg, garlic, bread.

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Net Weight420 grs
AllergensFish, Eggs

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