Angel Hair Ensaimada 380 gr


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Angel Hair Ensaimada 380 gr

What do we find in this Mallorcan angel hair ensaimada?

A pastry product of great tradition, antiquity and popularity in Mallorca .

Its filling, the angel hair , is made with the caramelised fibers of pumpkin pulp and provides an intense and sweet flavor that combines perfectly with the puff pastry texture of the dough.

As a distinctive finishing touch, this ensaimada is covered in a layer of a smooth and fine icing sugar with a powdery texture that makes it a sweet that is impossible to resist.

Santo Cristo oven

This house founded in 1910 represents one of the most emblematic places to buy typical sweets of these islands.

Originally, this oven was run by the pastry hands of the Coll sisters , who later gave the job to the Calleja brothers . The latter were in charge of expanding the points of sale of their well-known ensaimadas, reaching a greater number of customers.

Under the permission of the Bishopric to work with the name Santo Cristo , this workshop continues to this day using the same recipes that were used in its origin , preserving the roots in all its elaborations and always applying traditional methods .

Today, thanks in large part to this house, ensaimadas are a sweet appreciated and known throughout the world .


Wheat flour, lard, water, sugar, egg, yeast and angel hair (pumpkin pulp, sugar and lemon flavor).

Nutritional values

Energetic value1821 KJ / 536 kcal
Fats26.60 gr
of which saturates12.45 gr
Carbohydrates44.50 gr
of which sugars21.90 gr
Fiber1.90 gr
Protein3.80 gr
Salt0.08 gr
Data sheet
Diners4/5 Diners
Net Weight380 grs
SourcePalma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España
Zona de ProducciónBaleares

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