Beer Cream Soup, 350 grs.


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A cheese that combines the flavor of beer with that of cow's cheese. Fresh and smooth, ideal for spreading.

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Cremosuco with Beer, 350 grs

What do we find in this Cremosuco a la Cerveza?

In this cream cheese with beer, we find a cheese that combines two natural flavors from Cantabria. On the one hand, the flavor of Cantabrian cheese and on the other, that of Dougall's beer, also from Cantabria and which is reminiscent of the blond color of this cheese. It is the harmony between freshness and smoothness , uniting the bitterness of the cow's cheese and the strength of the beer, which offers the perfect pairing in a single bite.

It is an ideal soft cheese to be spread . It does not lose the nuance of its beer flavor, which it maintains both in its crust and inside.

This cheese has been awarded with:

  • Bronze medal World Cheese Awards 2021
  • Gold medal World Cheese Awards 2016
  • Gourmet Cheese Finalist 2016

Characteristics of Cremosuco a la Cerveza

  • Type of milk: pasteurized cow's milk
  • Tasting: fresh and smooth
  • Pasta: soft
  • Bark: blond
  • Origin: Cantabria, Spain

The Pasiega of Peña Pelada

With more than 100 years of cheese tradition , La Pasiega de Peña Pelada continues to make cheese with the recipes used by Brígida Ruiz in 1917 on the slopes of Peña Pelada. Today, his great-grandchildren continue to work in a modern factory , but with the aim of combining tradition and innovation , adapting to modern times.

They are now located in La Cavada and produce their cheeses in a factory with modern facilities, due to the evolution of the industry. But maintaining the cheese tradition , continuing with the family legacy and making a wide variety of cheeses . The milk for its cheeses is collected from local farmers , whose cows graze in the green meadows of Cantabria . In 2015, they obtained the IFS international certification , which certifies the food safety and quality of their processes and products.


Pasteurized cow's MILK (lactose ) , salt, rennet, stabilizer (calcium chloride), lactic ferments, 1% beer and preservative in the rind.

Nutritional values

Energetic value1671kj / 410kcal
of which saturates17.05g
of which sugars0.50g
Data sheet
Net Weight350 grams
SourceCantabria, Spain
Tipo de LecheLeche de Vaca
Zona de ProducciónCantabria

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