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Cream of orujo de Liébana 70 cl. What do we find in this product? Cream of orujo de Liébana 70 cl. Delicious cream, drawn by hand, getting the highest quality. Sierra del oso Sierra del Oso was born in 1991, but many years before the family Moreno in Yebas (Liébana Region) already distilled the Pomace when they could do so freely without paying taxes or putting labels on the bottle. It was from 1986 when the law requires to distill into a fixed installation and to comply with sanitary standards and tax. The project Saw the Bear begins with the acquisition of two alquitar stills and the distillation of the grapes in the orujera of Yebas, through the development with the traditional methods. Through the brand Saw of the Bear, the company is recognized quickly by the excellent quality of its products and launches as well to market new lines of product as well as the spirits of herbs, honey, apple, coffee. Also, as a result of its commitment to the most demanding palates, Sierra del Oso is a pioneer in the development of the famous cream pomace how appreciated they are by the public of half the world. (Cream of Orujo, Coffee, Apple,Chocolate, etc.). In the year 1995 Orujo of Potes SL wide its facilities and moved its factory to the village of Ojedo, in the entrance of Potes, where you install eight "alquitaras", becoming with the time the largest producer of pomace of the region. In 2007, acquired vineyards in the region of Liébana and with the new vintage, inaugurates the new facilities, which add to the 8 "alquitaras" current, other 20 new, always of copper and maintaining the same traditional processes that have given fruit to pomace is the most awarded in Spain. Currently, the Orujo of Potes SL is the company that increased volume of pomace produced in Cantabria, marketing its products through the brand Saw the Bear in the whole of Spain as well as in several international markets. It is worth noting that Sierra's Bear, is the residue that most times has been awarded in the region, having gained several distinctions, among them the famous Alquitara de Oro, in the year 1993, 2000, 2002 and recently in 2007.

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SourceCantabria, Spain
WinerySierra del Oso
Bottle70 Cl
Graduation15 %

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