Cow cheese Casin PDO Raw Milk-200 grams


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Cow's Cheese Casin PDO Raw Milk 200 grs

What do we find in this product?

Produced in an artisanal way with whole and raw cow's milk that is obtained from herds of the area protected by the PDO itself Casín cheese

Casín cheese is a small Asturian cheese, made entirely by hand using casina cow's milk, also known as Asturian mountain cow, an autochthonous breed of cows from Asturias.

It is a raw cow's milk cheese protected by the Casín Cheese Protected Designation of Origin and made in the Asturian councils of Caso, Sobrescobio and Piloña located in the southeastern area of Asturias.

The Casín cheese made from raw cow's milk that we present to you in a small format does not have a rind so it can be consumed in its entirety.

Its cut is compact, the texture is firm and the color of the cheese is yellowish . It is very aromatic Asturian cheese with intense spicy notes.


Data sheet
FormatVacuum packaging
Tipo de LecheLeche de Vaca
Zona de ProducciónAsturias

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