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What is the AnchoasDeluxe online tasting?

It is about evaluating the anchovies as it is done in a professional anchovy tasting but in a simple and easy way with our guide and videos.

In addition, in our blog we will be providing exclusive content to learn more about these brands and prepare the annual guide with all the ratings.

  •          Participate with every anchovy order.
  •          It is very easy from our app, mobile or PC.
  •          Get to know and better recognise this magnificent delicacy with our content and experiences.
  •          Participate in product raffles..
  •          With your ratings we create the annual guide

The first thing to know

1- If this is your first time, you need to know how to taste an anchovy professionally, watch our video:

2- After this video we have a manual to guide you through the steps described in the video and to be able to taste one or several anchovies at the same time, for this you have our guide where you can write down the scores and/or follow the steps to upload them at the time you think appropriate from our app, mobile or web.


3- Download our App, to do the tasting from your mobile:

Descargar App para AndroidDescargar App para IOS

You can do the tasting directly on our website, from your mobile or pc: 


4- Having the previous material and knowing how to taste them, you decide when to upload the ratings, you can upload them directly from your mobile when you are tasting the anchovies or write them down on paper and upload them later.

  • All reviews that are not from customers or orders will be reviewed and invalidated.
  • The annual tasting period begins on 1st December and ends on 31st September of the following year.
  • Any review that is malicious, invalid or suspected of being inappropriate will be invalidated.


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