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Coffee Grounds Top 200 grs What do we find in this product? Coffee high concentration, resulting in passing the steam of water through the coffee powder at high pressure. It is a cafe that prepares one-to-one, ensuring your great taste and smell. It's a coffee that enters through the eyes, thanks to the foam amarronada and thick that it generates. Staying under the same, the coffee, black. Thanks to this we get a cup of coffee taste pure and with an elegant aromatic touch. Ready to taste and enjoy the same. Benefits of coffee • May prevent dementia,Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. • Decreases the levels of depression, and, when drinking coffee, you have lower risk of developing certain types of cancer. • Helps to burn fat. • Considerably improves physical performance, to be full of essential nutrients. Serving size 7 grams of coffee in 35 ml of water in an espresso maker.

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Net Weight200 grams
SourceCantabria, Spain

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