Cocochas with Angulas rio Miño, 250 grams


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Cocochas with elvers from the Miño river in extra virgin olive oil, 10-12 units.

What do we find in this product?

The combination of quality and flavor that we find inside this tin contains the true flavors of the North Sea: gelatinous cocochas on the edges and consistent in the center. The elvers, which start their way from the Sargasso Sea, are selectively fished during the nights of the new moon in the Miño River.

This delicious marine combination, perfects its combination with Olei olive oil "brava galega" with an acidity lower than 0.2º; which balances the dish with a hint of purple garlic and cayenne. An exclusive haute cuisine dish.

Handcrafted elaboration

The artisanal elaboration of this delicatessen guarantees an exclusive gastronomic experience, the production of this preserve is limited and developed in an artisanal way. The cocochas are selected one by one, cured and salted by hand using the traditional Galician method, and later, desalted.

It is a dish to enjoy its flavor, either at home or in the restaurant. Both the raw materials and the quality controls successfully meet the expectations of a food like this.

Olive oil is a fundamental base in the preparation of this dish, which is cooked over low heat.


Cod cocochas, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, salt and eels.

* May occasionally contain a thorn.

Data sheet
OilExtra Virgin Olive
Net Weight250 grams
SourcePontevedra, Spain

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