Sheep cheese made with raw milk 255 grams approx


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Rey Silo White Raw Cow's Milk Cheese, 255 grs

Cheese made with raw milk, what does this feature mean?

Rey Silo cheese is refined in wineries , achieving a unique product with an exceptional flavor.

In the manufacturing process, fresh milk just milked is curdled in small vats, to then manually fill the molds that will give the cheese its shape.

The cheese salting process is also manual, piece by piece. Finally, the pieces are refined for several weeks, and in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity in the winery that the Pravia Artisan Cheese Factory has in the vicinity of the Nalón River.

El Rey Silo is a cheese with an intense, dry and creamy flavor, which stands out for its cow aroma . Its rind is rough and edible, a roughness that softens as the maturation time of the cheese progresses.

To enjoy the full quality of the product, it is necessary to temper the cheese before consumption for about thirty minutes before serving. With this we will achieve an optimal temperature that will allow us to enjoy all its aroma and flavor.

Why consume pecorino cheese?

  • It is a very nutritious food, rich in fat, which provides us with a large amount of protein and energy.
  • High content of minerals, especially iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.
  • It contains vitamins of group B, important for the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Geographical area

Exquisite Asturian cheese made by hand in the Council of Pravia, with raw cow's milk, and that presents a toad skin rind. It is an Asturian cheese with a stump shaped and small size, with the characteristic cut of acid curd cheeses.

With the traditional and artisan recipe.


Data sheet
Net Weight390 grams
Tipo de LecheLeche de Vaca
Zona de ProducciónAsturias

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