Wedge of Goat Cheese, Four Peaks Napkin 425 gr


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Wedge of Goat Cheese to pasta semi-soft, mild flavor. Gold medal in World Cheese Awards 2016-2017

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Wedge Goat Cheese Four Peaks napkin What do we find in this goat cheese? A cheese made by hand, with traditional character, with pasteurized milk of goat and clotting enzyme that is produced by the action of the rennet is made with fat in the form of cotton in format napkin. During the process of oreado, which lasts 2 weeks, develops its grey bark with white patches of mold. Main features Goat cheese Handmade Fine texture, almost buttery. White Gray bark with white spots Lightweight, soft, sweet, delicious Gold medal in World Cheese Awards 2016-2017 It is pure white, of fine texture almost buttery taste-delicious, creamy, light, sweet, soft, pleasant acidity and in its exact point of salt. If you enjoy it along to the cortex acquires a slight spicy flavor. A cheese recommended for those who venture into the goat cheese, because of its soft dough and creamy, you don't get to be excessively acidic. Having a touch that is very interesting and also pleased to the lovers of the cheeses of goat. Tasting It is advisable to consume at room temperature to appreciate its richness of flavors. Combines perfectly with raw nuts or fresh fruit, semisweet. You can also take fried and in salads. Awards Gold medal World Cheese Awards 2016-2017 Bronze Medal World Cheese Awards in the form of tender goat 2009 Initiative youth Initiative rural 2007 Generalitat valenciana 2005 Area Development This cheese is made the traditional Farm Hoya of the Church. Cheese shop located west of Valencia, Utiel-Requena. It is an area with great wine tradition, characteristic for its beauty and contrasts. A place in the heart of nature, where they grow strong and healthy his goats, thus providing the best raw material. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk and goat, calcium chloride, rennet and lactic ferments

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Net Weight425 grams
SourceValencia, Spain
Tipo de LecheLeche de Oveja
Zona de ProducciónCastellon

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