Cheese Atroncau Blancu Afuega''l Pitu D. O. P, 300 grams


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Cheese Atroncau Blancu Afuega''l Pitu D. O. P 300 gr approx. What do we find in this product? The cheese atroncau blancu is one of the oldest cheeses of Asturias with D. O. P Afuega'l pitu. Its main feature is its compact texture and firm, that during their maturation increases. It is a ripened cheese made with cow's milk from their own collection and natural ingredients. Main features: Made with cow's milk. A soft texture to be a soft paste-spreadable, becoming less soft, which increases its maturation. Creamy taste, slightly acidic. Its color ranges from white to more yellow in function of the curing that is. Shaped, without kneading. A cheese that is amazing, that combined with all kind of dishes: sweet, savoury, pasta, meat, fish... Let yourself be surprised by its taste and its multiple options. Protected designation of origin Afuega''l Pitu The Afuega''l Pitu cheese is a of the most ancient and traditional of Asturias, being very popular and a mainstay of the cuisine of Asturias. A cheese produced with milk of cow pasteurized. Geographical Area: The geographical area of production of the milk, and all the phases of the elaboration of the cheese, including its maturation includes the asturian municipalities of: Morcín, Riosa, Santo Adriano, Grado, Salas, Pravia, Tineo, Belmonte, Cudillero, Candamo, Ditches, Muros del Nalón and Soto del Barco. A traditional recipe and craft The cheese Atroncau Afuega''l Pitu is a cheese made in Asturias (Spain). It has shaped and a natural bark of varying consistency depending on their maturation. Its weight varies between 200 and 600 grams with a height of 5 to 12 cm and a diameter of between 8 and 14 cm at its base. Ingredients Cow milk pasteurized, salt, rennet, ferments, lactic acid.

Data sheet
Net Weight300 grams
SourceAsturias, Spain
Protected designation of originAfuega''l pitu
Tipo de LecheLeche de Vaca
Zona de ProducciónAsturias

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