Natural Beer Saison, 0.33 l., Rocker Beer


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a craft beer with a touch of coriander with an intense flavor in the mouth. 6%.

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Craft Beer Saison 0.33 Cl Rocker Beer

What do you find in this Saison Artesanal beer?

Beer with a strong flavor Saison type with 6%, with an elaboration of 3 malts, 2 hops and coriander seed, which gives this flavor the characteristics of coriander.

We find a craft beer in Cantabria, natural and without CO2, the gas that makes you puff up. Balanced flavor beer with a slight bitter touch of citrus notes.

It is advisable to serve at 7º.

Craft beer brewing

These beers are made with 4 fundamental ingredients:

  • Water
  • Malted barley
  • Hop
  • Yeast
  • In some cases berries, seeds ...

In the production of this craft beer , no type of artificial additive is used , nor is it pasteurized, because this would affect its natural components and would degrade them, and therefore would have an impact on the organoleptic and nutritional properties.

The sediments found at the bottom of the bottle guarantee that our beer has fermented naturally , CO2 is not injected into it and it is not filtered either. For this reason, a natural product reaches your palate that maintains its organic properties and different nuanced flavors.

Tasting notes Saison beer, rocker beer

  • Visual: Amber in appearance with orange and copper reflections. Small bubble with an ivory appearance, with medium duration and high carbon.
  • Olfactory: They highlight the spicy characteristics of the Saison yeasts, highlighting the phenolic (cloves), accompanied by citrus notes from coriander seeds, and a light herbal touch.
  • Gustatory: The spicy characteristics of the coriander, yeast and some bread are especially noticeable, immediately afterwards the effervescence of the carbonic that appears in the mouth comes into play, helping to clean the palate, accompanied by a slight bitterness of herbal aftertaste.

Brewing process


• 1 Day: Cooking and transfer processes.

• 7/10 days: Fermentation tank with temperature control.


• 7/10 days: 2nd Fermentation in the bottle, with temperature control.

• 15/20 days: Maturation in bottle at 16ºc.


• In TOTAL the process lasts between 32 and 43 days.

• Keep below 10ºc and to serve between 7º and 10ºc.

Ingredients beer saison, rocker beer:

Water, barley malt, hops.

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