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Caviar russian style Riofrío, roe normal. 30, 50, 100, 200, or 500 grams. What do we find in this product? Caviar style malassol, a little salt, to keep their various nuances marine and nuts. Intense flavor, tasty. Silky and tender. Aroma gentle sea breeze. Its color is variable from gray-green to gray black and brown. Aftertaste long and durable, with a light touch sickly sweet. The sturgeon “Acipenser naccarií”, is a species that has managed to recover in captivity, of slow growth. Difference by extracting the caviar after about 18 years of parenting as average. It is full of nuances and flavor. A gastronomic gem. What is the difference between the caviar russian style? The production of caviar of Riofrío Russian style is based on the purest Russian tradition used in the days of the czars. The experts responsible for the development use the style malossol, using the right point of salt, so as to achieve a caviar more fresh and pure The result of this caviar green is the same as the authentic fresh caviar that ate the Czars times back. Properties of caviar Helps circulation due to its content of Omega-3. Contains large amount of nutrients and components, emphasizing the vitamin A and E, minerals, iron, or fatty acids. It is a strong antioxidant that helps to reduce degenerative diseases of the heart due to its content of selenium and vitamin E. Regulates cholesterol in blood and decreases headaches and migraines, thanks to the vitamins B2 and B5. Natural food, avoiding the disadvantages that produce genetically modified food. Caviar of Riofrío Due to overharvesting and degraded habitat populations of caviar disappeared practically. Because of this, after more than 20 years of research and development Caviar of Riofrío got to master the breeding of the native species of the seas and the rivers of the south of Europe: Acipenser naccarii In Caviar of Riofrío possess the world's largest population of naccarii, managing to produce a caviar sustainable, of the highest quality. What differentiates them is that spend the double of time of breeding than the caviares usual, 18 years, on average, are engaged. In addition to the conditions in which they breed the sturgeons, enjoying the natural environment open. Ingredients Roe of sturgeon, salt, (E-200)

Data sheet
FormatTin metal
Size of the roeNormal
SpeciesAcipenser Naccarii
ProductoEstilo Malassol (poca sal)
Expiration6 months
ConservationBetween -3º and 4º

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