Caviar Green Excellsius

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Caviar green excellsius Riofrio, roe large. 30, 60 , 120 or 200 grams. What do we find in this product? We find the first caviar eco-friendly size of eggs large, so-called excellsius, certified by the CAAE. A wonderful product that results from the union of the effort, the tradition, and research. To be prepared without preservatives we can discover in this caviar organic sensations more intense than caviar we can bring to the palate. Its color is variable from gray-green to gray black and brown. Complex flavor and intense. Fresh, without a ripening, 100% eco-friendly. It is one of the gourmet products of luxury by excellence. The scarcity of production, in addition to its tasty taste, make him a snack luxury. Developed with the species “acipenser naccarii” in natural environments open getting a process of rearing organic, for about 18 years on average. What is the difference between the caviar green? This whole process is born of a delicate project for the elaboration by the experts of Caviar Riofrío in Granada, Spain that guarantees the maximum quality of the product, already working in this sector for more than 50 years. The do not have preservatives added, or have undergone processes of maturation or oxidation, it retains intact all its delicate nuances of flavor, both in taste primary as well as in its delicate aftertaste. The result of this caviar green is the same as the authentic fresh caviar that ate the Czars times back. Properties of caviar Helps circulation due to its content of Omega-3. Contains large amount of nutrients and components, emphasizing the vitamin A and E, minerals, iron, or fatty acids. It is a strong antioxidant that helps to reduce degenerative diseases of the heart due to its content of selenium and vitamin E. Regulates cholesterol in blood and decreases headaches and migraines, thanks to the vitamins B2 and B5. Natural food, avoiding the disadvantages that produce genetically modified food. Caviar of Riofrío The farm of Riofrío dates back to 1955 and was born from the friendship, as three friends decided to join together to create the first farm business in Spain, located specifically in Navarra. It was an initiative, full of vision and courage, as that would make the fish farm in Riofrío, a pioneer of fish farming in Spain. In the decade of 60, the project expands and they begin to carried out activities related to aquaculture, in addition to incorporating new facilities in Navarre and Granada, the latter being the most relevant, by a volume and quality of its waters higher. Ingredients Roe of sturgeon and salt.

Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Size of the roeLarge
SpeciesAcipenser Naccarii
ProductoEstilo Malassol (poca sal)
Expiration6 months
ConservationBetween -3º and 4º

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