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Case 3 Chocolates Amatller 185 gr What we find in this basket are gourmet. A box composed by a selection of 3 chocolates artisans special, very different from each other. All of them with great taste and personality, to be unique. Made according to tradition using pure cocoa selected Basket consist of : Thin sheets of white chocolate with strawberries. Leaves fine 70% cocoa Amantllons almond marcona. An ideal gift for its quality, flavor, intensity, and presentation. Benefits of the Chocolate artisan for the health Eating chocolate artisan is rich, healthy and makes you feel good and happy and the higher the quality of the cocoa, the better it will sit, some of their properties are: Rich in magnesium which causes a strengthening of muscle and energy, favoring the physical activity Difference with the chocolate industry, which uses vegetable fats different from the cocoa that kill the own properties of the chocolate. Good cardiovascular health, numerous clinical studies support this theory. The consumption of chocolate improves the heart rhythm and also affects the mood of the people, in a better way. Does not produce caries, cocoa good is a product that does not remain in the mouth for which can't lead to tooth decay. Beneficial for the skin, due to the large amount of antioxidants found in dark chocolate. Chocolate craftsman vs. Chocolate industrial There is a big difference in manufacturing of each chocolate. The chocolates industry are manufactured with vegetable fats (mainly butter of palm, soy, coconut...), that is to say, replace the basic components of the cocoa alterándolos of way chemical and conserving 5% of these components so that they can keep legally the name of `chocolate in Europe. The chocolate artisan keeps all the natural properties of cocoa and ensures all benefits named above. Walking towards two centuries of history More than 175 years dedicated to the chocolate and showing your love and passion for this product. Since 1840 it's been six generations familiar for the company, dedicating itself to the innovation, the effort and the research of the chocolate to create products of the highest quality. Over the years they have been growing as a company by expanding its products, through research and innovation, but always features a handmade pure. Ingredients White Chocolate (65%) (Sugar, cocoa Butter, skimmed Milk powder, Milk Fat anhydrous, soy Lecithin, Flavourings, Almonds (26%), Sugar, Cocoa powder fat-free. Sugar, cocoa Butter, Milk powder, SOY Lecithin, Aroma (Vanilla). Cocoa: minimum of 25%. Cocoa paste, Sugar, cocoa Butter, Cocoa powder low fat, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Aroma (Vanilla). Cocoa: 70% minimum. *May contain traces of milk and nuts.

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