Capers to wine vinegar from Jerez


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Capers to wine vinegar from Jerez. What do we find in this product? Tasty capers with an added taste of vinegar of wine of Sherry. The perfect accompaniment The vinegar of Sherry wine is the first wine vinegar with Denomination of Origin of Spain. Dressing in a unique way and has an exceptional quality, its high aromatic concentration and its versatility have earned him the current status of condiment star of the universal cuisine. As if the exquisite perfume it were, with a few drops of Sherry vinegar are sufficient to transform any dish. To its acidity, which gives it a unique potential to enhance the flavor of the food, it all adds up to a range of nuances that betray its provenance and craftsmanship. The Sherry vinegar is, therefore, much more than a valued condiment. It is a unique product, inimitable, whose identity is the result of its own history and origin. Every drop of this vinegar, in its intense aroma and well balanced flavor, concentrates the wealth of a millennial culture, nourished by the earth, sun, vineyards and wisdom wineries. A knowing in which the cult of the time dictates the process by which condenses the true essence of Jerez. Properties: Eating well is, rich, healthy, and makes you feel good and happy With spicy flavor unique, capers blooming buds on a bush of small height. The buds, indeed, are one of the ingredients most desired in all the cuisines of the Mediterranean. Their small buds of cream color are picked by harvest manual in the early hours of the morning. Shortly after the harvest, the buds are washed and allowed to wither for a few hours in the sun before putting into jars, and cover with salt, vinegar, brine or olive oil. The benefits that we bring are quite interesting: - Anti-inflammatory and a natural antioxidant, with high levels of flavonoids and quercetin, occupying the second place in the scale, only behind the green tea leaf. Both compounds are potent antioxidants. - Good for blood circulation, strengthen the capillaries and inhibits the formation of platelets in the blood vessels. Have found the extract of the same products and treatments against hemorrhoids, varicose veins and hemophilia. Also, it has been found extract of caper in products that help to lower cholesterol. A range of possibilities The capers are an added ideal in a multitude of dishes, it is usual to include it in all kinds of salads for their ease of union with those ingredients (tomato, lettuce, scallions, cucumber, nuts, minnows, zucchini, asparagus, smoked salmon...). Meat, fish and pasta also may be accompanied by a delicious sauce of capers very simple to prepare: peel and chop finely an onion, then, pour it in the pan, having previously thrown two tablespoons of oil. When it begins to transparent, add a glass of white wine. You must mix well everything and add two tablespoons of butter, then they should be beat with a rod mix. To the resulting mixture, was added a few drops of lemon (to taste) and capers. It is a simple sauce to the base of capers and, as specified, ideal for pasta, meat or fish. Ingredients Capers, water, salt, and vinegar of wine of Sherry

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DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight100grs
Weight Drained65 grams

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