Tripe a la Madrileña, 430 gr.


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Callos aa Madrileña , a typical Madrid winter dish, has a characteristic and incomparable flavor thanks to a meticulous cleaning of selected beef tripe and its subsequent cooking with Asturian chorizo, beef and ham.

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Tripe a la Madrileña, 430 gr.

What do we find in this can of Callos a la Madrileña?

The popularity of this dish precedes it; The taste of Callos Madrileño is one of the most emblematic dishes of the Madrid gastronomy . This traditional recipe uses the beef offal to prepare a spoon dish that, with bread, wine and good company, becomes a real delicacy.


Conservas Juker was born with the experience behind Conservas Adoración, which gives way to a new generation.

Conservas Juker picks up the baton, preserving traditional and artisan art in all its elaborations. Starting from a product of the highest quality, with the best fruits from our garden from La Rioja and neighboring Navarre, they make a privileged preserve that is as natural as possible, with a select flavor aimed at the most demanding palates.

In their products, they carefully take care of those dishes that follow the guidelines set in their place of origin. Starting from traditional homemade recipes, they provide their products with the degree of innovation that makes the difference.

Properties of Callos a la Madrileña

This dish is characteristic of the capital of Spain, it has a high content of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and selenium. It is also worth noting its high content of natural proteins as it is not a processed food.


Veal and beef offal (tripe, legs and snouts), crushed tomato, onion, chorizo, olive oil, wheat flour , salt, knuckle, white wine vinegar , carrot, garlic, leek, serrano ham, brandy, paprika, bay leaf, black pepper, cloves, thyme, cayenne and sugar.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energetic value136.4 kcal / 570.5 kj
Fats7.0 g
of which saturates2.2 g
Carbohydrates1.2 g
of which sugars1.1 g
Protein16.66 g
Salt0.54 g
Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight430 grams

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