Roasted Suckling kid, Goat of Canillas


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Goat suckling malagueño for 4 people, Chivo de Canillas What do we find in this product? A dish prepared for a special appointment, for a good day of celebration or to enjoy the authentic flavors of a dish preaprado with all the tradicción and the best product. The kit consists of 1 rear quarter and a front quarter, half goat. Each room is 700 grams approx., once cooked, before cooking is 1,400 grams Perfect for 4 people. Medium goat roast in an oven of milk ready to serve. This young goat is on pasture in the open air and fed on breast milk. Handmade The goat of canillas in a boxed gourmet that has half a goat roast suckling pig of about 1.4 kg once it has been roasted, it is packaged in vacuum in two portions together with their juice. With these two portions can be shared in a lunch or dinner with 4 people. Bring to a simmer. To prepare this excellent young goat roasted in the oven, it is first seasoned with an extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, a touch of acid from lemon and a lightweight and sauté. After this prepared initial, is inserted into a wood burning oven for 3 hours, which thanks to the heat of the embers of olive wood, allows for the preparation of this delicacy roasted slowly, and the result is tender, juicy and with a layer of golden skin. The development of the Goat of Canillas, comes from the 1940s, in a restaurant that has the family Aguilera in the middle of the parque natural of the sierra Tejeda. In the restaurant The Society, a place that today are still worshipping this excellent product, it is still made by hand the goat suckling Malagueño, with only natural ingredients. Being the third generation and with a long experience in developing this traditional dish, Carlos M. Aguilera is the one who starts this business experience in the year 2012, to be able to offer one of the best roasts in the your of Spain in any place, of the slow burning fire to your house Ingredients Goat suckling malagueño, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

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FormatVacuum packaging
Net Weight1400 grs
SourceMalaga, Spain

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