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Basket Gourmet “Sea deluxe” Why are you so good, our food baskets? In this basket are gourmet, we find ourselves with a wonderful selection of anchovies of Santoña and canned sea. Four different craft and canning of anchovies with drawing by hand, without thorns, and all the quality. Sea products of the first category, and a touch of queso picón, a blue cheese authentic and unique. What do you find in this basket of gourmet? A basket gourmet gift, with a real assortment Deluxe, a complete box with the most rich variety of artisan products, is like going on a trip through the villages and discover, authentic culinary gems, direct from the producer at a great cash for you to enjoy or to make a gift surprisingly different and of course spectacular. Their main product are the anchovies of Santoña, including four canning different to be able to try a variety, all of them drawn by hand, with dedication, achieving an anchovy clean, in your point of salt. Simply put, a delight for the palate. These anchovies are accompanied with other artisan products, such as mussels and cockles from Galicia, the best, tuna light tuna made little cooking so that you are more juicy and nice the north supreme choice, directly from the bay of biscay, among other products. As a novelty includes mussels to the pepper from espelette, a product with a slight spicy flavor that surprises everyone. To give a different touch to these products of the sea, nothing better than a wedge of picón cheese, with protected designation of origin, from the Peaks of Europe. A cheese of intense flavour, perfect to taste with the rest of the products. Basket Gourmet "Sea deluxe" composed by: 1 Tin of anchovies 50 grams Angelachu. 1 Tin of anchovies 50 grams Catalina. 1 Tin of anchovies from the Cantabrian sea 180 grams to The edge of the sea. 1 Tin of anchovies from the Cantabrian sea 180 grams Solano Arriola. 1 Tin of anchovies del cantabrico in vinegar, olive oil, parsley and garlic, 120 g 1 Can of mussels in pepper of espelette 260 g 1 Tin of mussels of Galicia 8-12 pieces 120 grams 1 Tin of mussels of Galicia 6-8 pieces 120 grams 1 Tin of ventresca of bonito del norte 150 grams Angelachu. 1 Can of vestresca tuna il nonno. 1 Can of cockles from Galicia 30/40 pieces 120 grams 1 Jar bonito del norte in olive oil Ana María 190 grams 1 Jar of gulencitas in olive oil, garlic and, 190 g 1 Can of minnows 12/16 pieces 115 grams Angelachu. 1 Jar of pate of police, 96 grams Half a cheese picón Bejes-Tresviso D. O. P 240 grams approx. 1 gift Box reusable.

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