Anchovy in Cantabrian Vinegar in Olive, Tin 120 grs Ana María


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Anchovy series gold in a can, open, enjoy and throw away. A perfect container to store all the flavor and texture of this excellent product

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Anchovy in Cantabrian Vinegar in Olive Oil, Tin 120gr Ana María

What do we find in these anchovies in vinegar from Ana María?

These pickled anchovies are of a superior quality , why? Because these pickled anchovies are made from the Cantabrian sea mouth , the same that is used to make the famous Santoña anchovies, that is why the material premium is of the highest quality.

Knowing that we start from a very high quality, the product is handcrafted, without major industrial processes, so the result is exquisite pickled anchovies, tender, with a firm texture and an unbeatable flavor.

Conservera Ana Maria

Conservas Ana María is a family business created in 1997 in Santoña (Cantabria) Spain, whose symbols that characterize it are: Tradition and Quality .

Since its inception, its production has been centered on the CRAFTSMANSHIP of Cantabrian Anchovies , taking special care of quality. Its Anchovy Gold Series is the most emblematic of this house.

Currently, in addition to making anchovies, within its extensive catalog we can find other seafood products such as canned tuna, either in the trunk or belly, or other classic preserves such as mussels, sardines, etc.

Properties of Cranberry Jam with Mint

  • The anchovy belongs to the blue fish family, and for this reason it is characterized by containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • We can also find high levels of vitamins A and D in this fish, both with antioxidant functions.
  • Another important component of this product is its protein intake, helping muscle growth.
  • It has a high content of folic acid which makes it a fundamental food during the pregnant period.


Cantabrian Bocarte, oil, garlic and parsley

Data sheet
Source BocarteEngraulis Encarsicholus (anchoa del cantábrico)
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight120 grams
Weight Drained75 grams
SourceCantabrian Sea

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