Black Christmas Gift Bag with bow nº3


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Patent leather Christmas bag nº3

What do we find in this Christmas Patent Leather Bag?

In this small assortment of Christmas bags we have gathered delicate details to give to our loved ones during these wonderful holidays.

They are also a perfect detail for companies.

Content of the Christmas Patent Bag No. 3

  • 1 Alicante Monerris Artisan Nougat, 300gr
  • 1 Artisan Nougat Jijona Monerris, 300gr
  • 1 Can of Galician Mussels in Pickled 8/12 pieces, 120gr Del Ponto
  • 1 Can of Galician Clams from the rías al natura, 16-20 pieces, Cambados
  • 1 Can of Tuna belly of Bonito Limited Series 132gr, Ana María
  • 1 Patent leather bag
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