Bloc of Duck Foie Gras with pieces to 30% , 200 grams


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Bloc of duck Foie Gras 30%, tin of 200 grams, gluten-free What do we find in this product? A duck foie gras delicious, hand-crafted to keep their properties and taste intact during the processing, thus achieving a product of great quality and taste. Perfect to enjoy on slices of bread with different jams that enhance their flavor and create an experience. A delicious idea is to add chips on other dishes such as meats or salads, adding a touch of distinction to the dish. Products duck Edalur was formed in 1999 in Pamplona with the aim of making getting to any point of Spain a range of products of the highest quality and freshness. To achieve his goal have worked hard during these years, becoming a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of products of duck. The source of all their products is guaranteed in quality and food safety, following strict quality controls that guarantee it. Properties of duck foie gras The duck foie gras has important nutrients, gras, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals. We can highlight the great variety of vitamin A, E, iron, sodium and folic acid. The duck foie gras has a high content in fat and cholesterol so it is not recommended for people with problems of obesity and high cholesterol. Ingredients Duck liver, pieces of duck liver (39%), water, salt, pepper, sugar, conservative. *Gluten-free

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Net Weight200 grams
SourceNavarra, Spain

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