Beans with Mussels and Wakame in broth sailor


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Beans white and green with mussels and Wakame from the galician rias in broth sailor, 8 mussels great. What do we find in this product? A dish prepared of beans, white and green mussels from the galician rias in broth sailor. Delicious, with the highest quality, unique taste. The eight mussels that you will find in this pack live in the galician rías, the provenance that gives them the best quality. Beans, a variety of beans early, are highly prized in the vegetable gardens of Navarra, The Rioja and Aragon. We find beans, white and green All this is accompanied with wakame to complete the combination and get the perfect flavour. The craftsmanship of this delicatessen guarantees an exclusive dining experience. Fast, easy, quality, taste and of course delicious! The union of the garden and the sea are the very essence of gourmet. Handmade The development of this deli is limited and developed the traditional way. This is a dish to enjoy their flavor, either at home or in the restaurant. Both the raw materials and quality controls to meet successfully the expectations of a food such as this. The mussels and the beans are selected manually to bathe in a broth sailor with wakame, a seaweed green native also of the galician rías. This combination of flavors it is cooked on slow fire in a traditional style, for a couple of hours. Olive oil is a fundamental basis in the preparation of this dish. The best padding, the best mussel The mussels gallegos elected to fill the beans are the “best mussels in the world”, based on its texture, flavor and color. Increasing its value, mussels are a food source full of benefits for health: a healthy food with low fat content and high amount of protein. Arthritis, joint pain, circulatory system, bones, or teeth, anemia, asthma...the nutrients found in this mollusk help to alleviate pains of the human body in a healthy and natural way. Ingredients Beans white and green, mussels, seaweed green, wakame, salt, broth sailor (water, monkfish, cod, celery, potato, shrimp, tomato, olive oil, leek, carrot, onion and natural flavourings. *May contain fish, shellfish, and spices.

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