Basket Gourmet Valentine's Day "Moment"


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Basket Gourmet Valentine's Day “Moment” Why are you so good, our food baskets? We prepare our baskets gourmet with dedication, hope and passion for the good work. Always with handmade products of the best quality to be able to give a unique dining experience. What do you find in this basket of gourmet? In this basket are gourmet, you can find variety and quality. Some products of the sea, which serve to form a pecking gourmet full flavor, can also be enjoyed by adding it to different dishes to give them more flavor and quality or alone to appreciate the individual flavor and characteristic of each one. On the other hand, we find a bloc of foie gras of duck with great taste, that you can combine perfectly with the orange marmalade cadenera, made with the oranges of the highest quality, and achieving a fusion of flavors perfect. And to finish a good meal, mid-morning, mid-afternoon... and always! a few sweets which are a true delight, from a little bit of chocolate with nibs (pieces of cocoa pure), cakes of glory, which, as its name indicates, is a true glory and a typical sweet from Cantabria the Alciturrianos, taste wonderful, indescribable. A Valentine's day gift full, full of love, passion, tradition and taste. Because that person deserves the best quality and a journey through the flavors. Basket Gourmet Valentine's day "Time" composed by: 1 Tin of anchovies of Santoña 50 gr Catalina 1 Can of tuna, Rolled The Whim to 110 gr 1 Tin of Mussels of Galicia 6/8 large pieces 1 Can of foie grass of duck 130 gr 1 Jar of Orange Marmalade Cadenera 350 gr 1 Box of Alciturrianos 250 gr 1 Bag of Cakes of Glory 250 gr 1 Tablet of chocolate 70% cocoa with nibs 1 Basket gift reusable

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