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Basket Gourmet Pack Gin and tonic Why are you so good our boxes? The perfect gift with this basket of gourmet detail or occasion. A geneva special winning a gold medal in the world and the best gin and tonic in London 2015. Savour it with these tonic Premium and the dressing to taste. A gift original and surprising What do you find in this basket of Gourmet This basket is for lovers of geneva. The good thing about geneva is that it sets very well in the stomach so that after meals, and dinner is a perfect dessert to enjoy a small desktop and the food sit. In addition, it is a perfect beverage to drink for the evening, while watching a game or a race, or in those meetings of friends in the sun that stretch. It's a drink that fits the same for a drink one only, to share with friends, family or with the partner. This basket can be to be enjoyed in house or to give as a gift to someone with whom we want to have a small and large detail. To enjoy the moment in this basket we get a bottle of gin Siderit, a gin made with the finest raw materials, from the Peaks of Europe, and the water with lower mineralization found in the peninsula, the mixture of all this leads us to find a gin of great quality that manages to delight even the most demanding palates. Enjoy the accompany with tonic Fentimans, made with artisanal products. For your dressing, we have a multipack to add a special touch that guarantees a few flavors and a perfect finish to the gin and tonic. Includes cardamom, juniper berries and hibiscus flower. Finally a teaspoon special grooved grip, to get a fizzy drink. A basket of a gourmet which contains delicatessen products of first quality, with a perfect combination for a taste of this wonderful drink. This basket a gift you can enjoy accompanied with other products artisan-gourmet that you find in our online shop, in which we put at your disposal different products delicatessen of the sea, all of them of the first quality and made by hand. Basket Gourmet pack Gin and tonic composed by: 1 Bottle of gin Siderit 70 cl 1 Tonic Fentimans 20 cl 1 Pack dressing gin & tonic 1 Spoon special gin and tonic. 1 gift Box reusable

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