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Basket Gourmet mother's day “you Are unique” Why are you so good, our food baskets? A basket of a gourmet which contains a selection of artisan products of the highest quality. Because our mother did that is of quality and deserves the best. What do you find in this basket of gourmet? A basket gourmet gift, with a wide variety of gourmet products, with which we can enjoy the tastes with history, made with a lot of dedication taking care of every detail. To start with a small selection of the products of the sea have anchovies of Santoña, the best quality, a few minnows, mussels from Galicia and a few mussels to the pepper from espelette, a product that reinvented the love. A delicious tuna limited selection and a pate of lobster. Products of the earth we find some tasty buds of asparagus of Navarre with I. G. P and a few asparagus of Navarra 8/12, a few tasty piquillo peppers in strips with garlic and olive oil and a bloc of foie gras of oca, that's great . Products always but of the highest quality. To accompany any of the products include a few small pieces of ciabatta with raisins, delicious. All of that along with a small selection of our cakes, because they feel good at any time and always liked. A tablet of artisanal chocolate with the refreshing taste of mojito and some biscuits raspberry and macadamia nuts. A mixture of products of sea and land, of sweet and salty to be able to enjoy every hour of true deli products. Basket Gourmet "you Are unique" composed by:1 Tin of anchovies of the cantabrian high restoration "at The edge of the sea" 1 Can of minnows 16/20 pieces, 115 g 1 Tin of mussels to the pepper of espelette. 1 Tin of mussels of Galicia 8/12. 1 Tin of ventresca limited series, 132 grams 1 Can of foie gras and lobster. 1 Can of pate de foie gras of oca 130 grams 1 Jar of buds of asparagus of Navarre, with I. G. P. 1 Jar of piquillo peppers in strips with garlic and olive oil. 1 Can of asparagus of Navarra 8/12. 1 Tablet of chocolate artisan flavor mojito. 1 Bag of small pieces of ciabatta with raisins. 1 Box of Biscuits with raspberry and macadamia nuts. 1 gift Box exclusive and reusable.
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