Asparagus of Navarra I. G. P. 6-8 fruits, extra quality, peeled by hand


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Asparagus of Navarra I. G. P. extra quality, peeled by hand, 6-8 fruits, canned 390 grs What do we find in this product? Asparagus of the highest quality, with protected geographical indication of Navarra, this means that you get a product of maximum quality with all the guarantees. White asparagus extra 6 to 8 very large fruit, being of a soft texture and with a woodiness almost non-existent. Authentic natural flavor Conservas Artesanas Serrano began with the development in the year 1880. From that time until now their development has not changed, still using the traditional methods for making handmade products of the highest quality. Used as raw material fruits and vegetables of the best quality, obtained from the garden of la rioja (Ribera del Ebro), privileged area in which they are located. During fabrication carry out a treatment, totally craftsman and perform continuous quality controls. For this reason, their canned maintain the authentic taste of natural, the same as that enjoyed by previous generations. Properties of asparagus With a minimum of caloric intake, due to a very low in carbohydrates, the studs are an essential food for a healthy diet in any cycle of life. Possess vitamins A, C, E, group B (B1, B2, B6), minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, antioxidants, etc It is by its content in potassium, which favors the elimination of liquids, and thus have diuretic properties. Thanks to the folic acid, and along with iron, contributes to the formation of red blood cells Vitamin A is good for the eyes, nails and hair and also acts as a depurative. Due to its contribution in vitamin B is very beneficial for the nervous system. Another great nutritional benefit of asparagus is the glutarión, an excellent antioxidant that prevents cancer. And if this outside little, due to the folic acid and zinc that has, give the asparagus rejuvenative properties. Ingredients Asparagus, water, salt and acidulant; citric acid.

Data sheet
DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
Net Weight390 grams
Weight Drained250 grams
SourceNavarra, Spain
Protected geographical indicationAsparagus of Navarra

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