Arroz con Trufa con trufa Negra, 400 gr.


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In this Rice with Black Truffle , each and every detail has been taken care of to offer a final result of high quality and maximum satisfaction.

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Rice with Black Truffle, 400 gr

What do we find in this Black Truffle Rice?

This prepared dish contains rice grown in Albuferea, Valencia ( the best of the ecological environments in Spain) truffled with the Black Winter Truffle, one of the truffles that is most valued in kitchens around the world for its flavor and aroma.

How to prepare Creamy Black Truffle Rice?

We need 1L of chicken broth, 200 gr of rice with black truffle, 1 onion, mascarpone cheese, grated Parmesan cheese, butter, salt.

  • Heat the broth in a saucepan, chop the onion and fry with the butter.
  • When the onion is poached, add the rice and stir, lower the heat and stir for 2 minutes.
  • After time add broth to cover the rice, and add as it is renewed.
  • Cook 18 minutes.
  • Add mascarpone cheese and Parmesan until melted.

Products delicacies of the earth

More than 15 years later, the same passion that united Mercedes, Lola and María Jesús, the founders of Manjares de la Tierra, continues with its work. These three women who dreamed of bringing the truffle flavor to the rest of the homes of Spain and the world, turning the black diamond that is the truffle into one of the gourmet ingredients par excellence.

In Teruel, Manjares de la Tierra is in charge of selecting the best black truffle from Sarrión and transforming it into gourmet products, always respecting its intense and genuine flavor and reaching an incredible 5000 kg of processed truffle per campaign.


Round rice extra category, black truffle (melanosporum).

Nutritional values

Energetic value1479 kJ / 348 Kcal
Fats0.55 gr
Carbohydrates78.0 gr
Protein8.58 gr
Data sheet
Net Weight400 grs

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