Alubias Guisadas con Mejillones en Caldo de Rape


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Peppers of the Piquillo fillings of Chanquete Wild, 4 pcs. What do we find in this product? "Piquillo" pepper stuffed of chanquete is a recipe innovative inspired by the diet of the mediterranean. This preserves gourmet unites harmoniously Navarre's vegetable gardens and the mediterranean sea. Accompanied by a tomato sauce, or carabineros, will appreciate the fusion of flavors in the palates more exquisite. The craftsmanship of this delicatessen guarantees an exclusive dining experience. Essence gourmet, the perfect union of land and sea Handmade The development of this deli is limited and developed the traditional way. This is a dish to enjoy their flavor, either at home or in the restaurant. Both the raw materials and quality controls to meet successfully the expectations of a food such as this. Olive oil is a fundamental basis in the preparation of this dish, which is cooked on a slow fire. What happens with the fishing of whitebait? The fishing of whitebait is very much controlled by the European union due to over-exploitation and the difficulty of a selective fishing of the past. Currently, only in Italy (Livorno and Genoa), France (Nice, Cros de Cagnes, and Menton) and Palma de Mallorca is licensed for fishing, and only during the months of between January and march for the boats artisanal license. The whitebait that fill these peppers are harvested from the coasts of the Balearic islands, respecting the following aspects: - To encourage the maintenance of quality, diversity and availability of fishery resources. - Respect the marine reserves protected. - Do not buy raw materials that have been captured under fishing practices involving the use of poisons, explosives, or other measures of a similar destructive effect. The myth of the chanquete in the gastronomy The exclusivity of the whitebait lies in the delicacy and difficulty of obtaining them. After the prohibition of their capture in 1988, the sale of whitebait has become a black market that uses other species to sell as chanquete. To distinguish a true chanquete, a creature that many labeled as “pezqueñín”, we must know that in their adult age of around 5cm in length; so that it is easily confundible in the market with the fry of sardines. It is also common practice on the costa del sol to find whitebait chinese, a spice of fresh water from China. Its appearance-white with gray tones and insipid taste nothing like the real whitebait. Another fake substitute for chanquete is trash, small fry, anchovies, shrimp, prawns, pijotas... species that grow them would multiply its weight by 200 or 300 times. These little warnings will make a better distinction in the future and avoid practices some considered fishing and over-exploitation. Ingredients Piquillo peppers, red fill (chanquete 40%, milk, wheat flour, sunflower oil, onion, olive oil, butter, garlic and salt), tomato sauce (onion, garlic, salt, wheat flour, sugar, olive oil and whitebait) *May contain: shrimp, eel, sardines and/or anchovies

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