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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
The Beautiful laminate is a product of the highest quality very limited since that is very much valued and your stock will soon end. Your capture is made during the coastal summer, which begins in July and extends until September approximately. The methodology of fisheries determines the quality of this product. For the capture of the Bonito del Norte (albacore), fleet cantabrian exploits their traditional skills of fishing: the beautiful is only caught with a rod and one at a time, so as not to damage it, or with nets, strokes or maneuvers, sudden. A fishing job, truly professional and the patient, in charge of the Fleet to the Beautiful, jutting out into the sea from June until September to get raw materials fresh and of top quality. After the capture, we proceed to a careful cleaning and cooking of the raw material; an artisan process that maintains the natural freshness of the beautiful, characterized by his flesh almost white, which contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, especially Omega-3, which confer, in addition to a fresh taste and intense, with beneficial properties for the regulation of metabolism and the cholesterol human. After packaging, the beautiful still maintains its properties of the sea. The final consumer acquires a conserved beautiful cantabrian perfectly clean, without bones, tender and with an authentic flavor. Acquires in our gourmet shop online the best canned tuna laminate.

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