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Beef Greater Maturity High 


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Enjoy our meat online with the greatest guarantees of quality, preparation, and delivery in reefer service. The meat that we found in this category of our online store is the meat of maturation high. We have two types of maturation high of 30 days and 60 days. The meat that we have in place a high quality meat selected at source to different destinations that you can check in each product listing, to the quality of the meat is coupled with the maturation to get a few pieces with a fat infiltration of the greater and an intensity of flavour that much bigger. The maturation of the meat of 30 days is a process medium, where we start with a maturation minimum for these high quality pieces, and extends to the about 30 days to give every piece the infiltration of more of good fat and raise the flavor of the meat, these pieces are suitable for people who likes this type of meat with a bit of upgrading but don't want a taste extremely strong. The maturation of the meat for 60 days is the maximum process by which we come to this kind of meat, for sale to the general public is a lofty goal that individuals may get a few more days but it would be something more custom. This meat with a maturity of 60 days reaches the maximum of infiltration in the flesh of the fat, which gives it a tenderness upper but with a flavor intense and penetrating, for larger amanes of the strong flavors this kind of meat is a luxury.

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