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Beef Greater Maturity Minimum 


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In this category of our gourmet shop you will find our butcher shop online, where to buy meat onlinedirectamente to the producer. Orders are produced on demand, this implies a freshness superior to butcher traditional, as the order leaves the same day it is prepared and packaged in perfect condition. In this category you find all the products from beef, batches prepared for a purchase easy and fast. Beef aged in house for 30 days to get those nuances of juiciness and flavor that make it so special. Within the flesh of the ox for our category, we can distinguish between the parts of chuletones de buey in different weights, with a cutting knife different according to the taste. We also find entrecote of beef extra thick cut or thin knife according to tastes, and different formats for weights. The sirloin steak with a piece of excellent quality, cut into medallions to taste. In our butcher shop online we guarantee the freshness of the products, made in the day and cut all knife manually, being flesh of Spanish origin.

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