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The best caviar in the world is it Spanish?


Historically, the best caviar is produced in Asia and Eastern Europe. But the caviar that is made in Spain, specifically in fish farms Riofrio, is already considered one of the finest caviar in the world.

The best caviar in the world is it Spanish?

Riofrio is a village in the municipality of Loja, located west of the province of Granada, where a native species of sturgeon, characterized by the fact that females of this species take about 18 years to produce the select roe with one grows which caviar is produced.

The team Riofrio Caviar is made up of Spanish specialists but also experts sturgeon breeders brought directly from Iran and Russia. After fifteen years of hard work, it has achieved a top-quality caviar.

Among the features that make the added value of caviar Riofrío we can mention the low level of salt used in the process of brine and exceptional freshness of the eggs, in addition to its silky texture and the authentic flavors of the sea, whether obtained inland .

Moreover, in three varieties Riofrio luxury gastronomic excellence are developed: an ecological caviar, natural flavor, full of nuances and preservative (about 400 euros per 200 grams); a conventional caviar, which has no CAAE certification because it carries preservatives, which does not affect its excellent quality and taste (about 200 euros per 100 grams); and a traditional caviar inspired by the authentic Iranian caviar (about 250 euros per 100 grams).

Ecological Riofrio Caviar has managed to displace the center point to the Russian and Iranian caviar, which has always topped the list of the best caviar in the world. Not that these have been relegated caviar, but rather have granted a deserved place for this organic form of caviar Granada. Something not easy to achieve, because, although the quality of the caviar no discussion, the market for this product is so traditionalist that discerning consumers offer some resistance when considering the quality of caviar is not from areas usual. Some even claim that Riofrio caviar seems not Spanish, but also state that exceeds 95% as caviar currently circulating in the market.

caviar riofrio
The most sophisticated food professionals say the caviar of sturgeon reared in Riofrio surprised by its pure, fresh taste. The director of Caviar de Riofrio, Alberto Domezain says: "The ecological I especially like for two main reasons: firstly for its taste, really unique, allowing me to fully enjoy all that my tastebuds are able to discern . Second, because being a certified organic product, I know it's confidence, it is checked, no one has given me the cambiazo. Although for me the ecological is the best, other caviars are also magnificent, such as the Russian Style, or traditional ". It also adds that "there are many Caviars of all kinds and all price, high quality caviar from others of very low quality, even simple scams. Today, under the name of caviar sold real crap. Sometimes they are completely gone old caviar, which has rebounded from different countries or sold under names that are not theirs. A good example had last Christmas when the Civil Guard seized 500 kg of Chinese caviar when you were changing the label to be sold under the name Beluga Iranian ".

the best caviar

Riofrio experts offer us some advice for tasting caviar: are terse, fresh eggs, exploding on the palate with a "snap" and then flooded with a mild flavor, without strident or monopolistic notes. Consume preferably only advise on the skin or pearl spoon. If you want to mix with other food, this should have a neutral flavor as possible.

We leave you this video which represents the work, sustainable sturgeon breeding almost extinct 50 years ago when they started this project and today is fully recovered, thanks to the natural beauty and its production method produces a pure caviar without additives, the first organic caviar in the world.

Are you one of those that offer resistance to new exquisite caviar or because you have decided to try some of the three variants Riofrio caviar?

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