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Sanfilippo anchovies


The best anchovies in the world are produced in Santoña (Cantabria). There is one of the most prestigious companies engaged in the production and marketing of this product: Anchovies Sanfilippo.

Sanfilippo anchovies

The company

Sanfilippo is a company from Santoña, located in Argoños, dedicated to produce and commercialize anchovies. Its owner, Ignacio Suarez Sanfilippo, died in May of 2013 in a car accident. He was a renowned businessman, who had also been president of Consesa (Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish Cantabria), from 2004 to 2009, and later kept the status of vice president until his death.
Ignacio Sanfilippo represented the fourth generation of anchovies producers of this family. Today, this important company is being leaded by the children of the deceased manager, who are the fifth generation of manufacturers.
The first Sanfilippo arrived to Santoña in 1896, from Sicily. When he met the best anchovies in the world, he soon started to practice the salting process invented by the Sicilian. Since then, this cannery company of Santoña produces the best anchovies in the world.


Sanfilippo salted anchovies are considered the "Iberian Ham of the sea" and one of the most exquisite delicacies provided by the salt water. Anchovies of excellent quality, characterized by its right point of salt, by its size, texture and intense flavor. Sanfilippo salted anchovies are limited edition products: cans are offered in different sizes, and among them we can find a very small can, 380 grams, containing eight units destined to gourmets. The range of prices is from 37.9 euros for a can of 220 grams, and 8.2 euros for small cans.
Before eating, you need to clean them. To do this the right way, just follow the instructions accompanying the product. This way, we can get all the hues offered by these products. Once cleaned, anchovies will look a brown-salmon colour and an excellent texture.
Sanfilippo Salted Anchovies
sanfilippo salted anchovies
Apart from salted anchovies, Sanfilippo produces anchovies in oil. The idea is to satisfy the product demand of various types of consumers to keep the pure taste of the sea.
In Conservas Sanfilippo, all work is handmade. This feature is closely linked with the quality of the products, which own an incomparable authenticity, difficult to achieve.


Since early 2014, Sanfilippo is aimed to an ambitious but perfectly reachable project for a company that has already been recognized for the excellence of its products. The project consist of buliding a huge palace, located at the gates of Santoña, near to the fishing port and fish market. It will be a Tuscan palace inspired by the tradition of the houses of the first Sicilian artisan producers.
The project was designed by Ignacio Sanfilippo. After his death, his sons continued working with the same innovative, thoughtful and business spirit that their father had.

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The building will be open to the public, so every person interested can observe the process of development of the anchovy. But it will also have a museum, which aims to recover the artisan culture created by the ancient salting process, the real one, which is only achieved by manual techniques. For this purpose, photographic series will be offered on display of the time when the first expert salting process Italians settled in the east coast of Cantabria, further with other appropriate resources for the museum, as frescoes depicting scenes from the life in the Sicilian port of Porticello, locality where the Sanfilippo family belongs from.
Among the attractions of this mansion is also included a culinary laboratory, where everybody can explore the culinary options anchovies offer, through the participation of different chefs to develop their specialties to the public eye.
The desing of the outside of the building combines Italian architecture and some typical elements of classicism, manifested mainly in the columns of the tower and the forging of the balconies. The interior of the mansion has Renaissance moldings, a vaulted room (where the museum will be installed) and a large segment for conferences and cooking demonstrations, where the knowledge of the salted anchovies will be disclosed.
Adjacent to one side of the building, it is found the Sanfilippo factory, with more than 1000 square meters and a space distribution specifically designed to optimize the different stages the the bocarte goes through to became an anchovy.
The Sanfilippo palace tries to capture a lifetime dedicated to the anchovy salting process and its origin. In addition, after the unexpected tragedy caused by the death of one of the most memorable elements of this family of Sicilian experts, the project took on a new meaning: to honor its creator, Ignacio Sanfilippo.

Sanfilippo-Palace Anchovies Santoña

sanfilippo-portalada anchovies Santoña
After you visit the great Tuscan palace of the Sanfilippo family, you can write to tell us your experience.
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