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Anchovies must be kept cold


Anchovies must be kept in a refrigerator and should therefore also be purchased in specialty stores where the product is cooled to a temperature.

Anchovies must be kept cold

Anchovies as we talked in the post Anchovy spring are caught at the beginning of the season, we always talk about those commercialized in Anchoasdeluxe, this time we will explain something obvious but unnoticed in the vast majority of people, anchovies must be in the refrigerator.

Anchovies are a semi-preserved

Assuming that the Anchovies are a semi preserved, we know that this product needs to be kept in the cold for optimal conditions. The semi-canned products are perishable, which means they must have special conditions to preserve cold, which is determined in each package, in the case of anchovies we speak of between 5 ° C and 12 ° C.
A good anchovy caught in the Bay of Biscay, which has been developed by artisans in Spain by skilled hands are a small deli that requires some care, so even unopened cans being, we will keep in a refrigerator until the day let's not serving splendid anchovies.

The semi-conserves, preserves

As they are a semi-preserved anchovies, are determined for a limited expiry time, which can range from 6 months to 1 year, this time period is set by the canner, it depends on how to develop its anchovies come out with expiration period different from another processor.
Shelf life is determined by the salting is why salting own with which are made is itself the preservative, so if the anchovies are at high temperatures for a long time, what we do is to advance the fermentation within the package and thus reducing its expiration quickly.
If we are taking a can of anchovies in summer at room temperature for a few weeks we can even notice that said can has swollen due to the gases formed within the package due to the action of heat, so we discard immediately this can.

Anchovies in refrigerated area

Given that the anchovies need to be at a temperature of between 5 ° C and 12 ° C, when we go to buy this kind of product, we should look to be in the cooling zone of the retail store, and if necessary to acquire anchovies elsewhere, mark you are located where these semi-preserved, because then it can lead to so famous "were so salty ..". We are concerned that these anchovies sun will be as salty as relish a package of brine and this left a bad memory of a product if we acquire through the appropriate channels, of proper preservation and normal quality, which can be an annoyance passed to be a treat for the palate.
Given these clear recommendations we can enjoy a real anchovies Santoña us from Anchoasdeluxe work every day picking anchovies directly from factories with refrigerated transport and preparing orders in the same facilities of the logistics company, which makes from the factory to trascurran home just a few hours without breaking the cold chain.

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